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For more than 70 years, Hydrocarbon Processing magazine remains the only source that collects and maintains data specifically for the HPI community, publishing up-to-the-minute construction projects from around the globe with our online product, Construction Boxscore Database.

Construction Boxscore is now part of Global Energy Infrastructure. Global Energy Infrastructure is now uniquely positioned to address our customer’s needs for global projects insight across hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas pipelines and refining and petrochemicals, as we move through the energy transition.

Construction Boxscore covers active construction projects across the global refining, petrochemical and LNG industries. As new opportunities emerge in the global HPI, the database aims to give companies the tools and perspective to recognize market trends and win new business.

The industry is more competitive than ever before, and with our team of editorial professionals updating Construction Boxscore with timely and accurate information about current projects, we provide subscribers with actionable insight they can apply towards their own market research, budgeting, and planning.

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