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Alberta’s Northern Petrochemical Corporation Announces $2.5 Billion Petrochemical Project (1)

Northern Petrochemical Corporation (NPC) of Alberta announced on November 10th, 2021, that it plans to build a carbon neutral ammonia and methanol facility in what will be the Greenview Industrial Gateway in northwestern Alberta on 265 acres.

This $2.5 billion dollar facility is expected to begin construction in the spring of 2023 for an anticipated startup in the fall of 2026.  According to statements from NPC CEO and President Geoff Bury, this project will utilize a natural gas feedstock along with underground carbon capture and storage technology for the purpose of producing up to 200 tons of blue methanol and blue hydrogen annually for the international market. 

KBR announced on the same day that it would provide licensing and basic engineering designs for the project with technology developed by KBR and Johnson Matthey for the ammonia and methanol production, respectively.

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