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Energy Web Atlas Partners with Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative to Leverage LNG Real-Time Global Project Information

HOUSTON (April 12, 2018) – Gulf Publishing Company, a leading provider of data and technical information for the global energy industry, announced today that Energy Web Atlas (EWA) has entered into a partnership with Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative (NGI). EWA is a platform that allows users to examine real-time natural gas project information.

As part of the new partnership, the Natural Gas Initiative, a collaboration of more than 40 research groups, will be able to supplement its research with EWA’s industry-leading datasets covering the natural gas industry. The partnership will also facilitate distribution of the Initiative’s research findings through EWA and its associated publications, including Gas Processing and Hydrocarbon Processing.

“We are thrilled to work with such a premier research institution within the natural gas industry and have the ability to collaborate with industry leaders and members,” said Scott Allgood, Director of Data Services, Gulf Publishing Company.

Energy Web Atlas is an ESRI-based platform that tracks more than 500 LNG facilities/projects and over 3,670 natural gas pipelines (existing, planned and under construction). The dataset also incorporates historical commodity prices, shipping routes and vessel data, and information—including channel depths and maximum vessel size—for more than 3,600 ports.

In addition, Energy Web Atlas also includes detailed data on natural gas infrastructure in the United States. The GIS system incorporates data on 600 U.S. gas processing plants, 510 existing natural gas pipelines (data on pipelines in the planning and construction phases will be available in Q3), more than 1,300 gas compressor stations, 400 underground natural gas storage locations, and 58 natural gas market hubs.

“Gulf Publishing will bring a wealth of industry information and experience to our work through the Energy Web Atlas and its participation in Natural Gas Initiative programs and events. Importantly, this relationship also provides additional pathways to ensure that the new knowledge being created at Stanford is communicated to interested stakeholders around the world,” said Bradley Ritts, Managing Director, Natural Gas Initiative. “We are pleased to have Gulf Publishing Company as a supporter of the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative.”

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