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Joint venture completes construction scope on Sasol LCCP Project

TechnipFMC, in joint venture with Fluor, announced it has safely completed its engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services on Sasol’s world-scale petrochemical complex in Westlake, Louisiana. As planned, TechnipFMC/Fluor resources will provide assistance to the Sasol team at the LCCP project site for the remaining activities, working with Sasol in parallel on the transition plans for each unit and workstream. TechnipFMC/Fluor will also assist in performance testing for LCCP.

The TechnipFMC and Fluor joint venture has provided EPCM services since the project FID in 2014. The complex features a 1.5-million-ton-per-year ethane cracker based on TechnipFMC’s proprietary ethylene technology which is the technology selected for more than 60% of all new ethylene crackers installed worldwide in the last decade. The Lake Charles Chemical’s Project (LCCP) complex also includes six downstream chemical units and associated utilities, infrastructure and offsites. Sasol announced the beneficial operation on the 470 ktpa polyethylene unit on February 13, which is one of the two polyethylene derivative units at LCCP.

In addition to the work at the complex, TechnipFMC and Fluor also invested in the local community, contributing more than $185,000 to local schools and organizations throughout the course of the project.

Beginning in November 2018, TechnipFMC/Fluor commenced incremental transitions of assets to Sasol upon completion of each unit or system.

Based on its most recent projections, Sasol said the timeline for LCCP’s remaining units to achieve beneficial operation has been revised as follows:

• Ethane cracker: July (from February).

• EO-EG unit: June (from February).

• LDPE unit: August (from March).

• Zeigler alcohols unit: November.

• Guerbet alcohols unit: January 2020.

• Ethoxylation unit: December.

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