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SABIC selects Scientific Design Company EO/EG technology for complex in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

LITTLE FERRY, NEW JERSEY- Scientific Design Company, Inc. (SD) announced that Sabic Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has selected SD’s EO/EG technology for their complex in Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This plant will have a capacity of 700 KTA MEG.

The award includes the license of process technology, the provision of a process design package, technical assistance and start up services and the initial charge of SD’s ethylene oxide catalyst. This will be the eighth EO/EG plant licensed by SD to SABIC since the original Yanpet I plant licensed by SD in 1980.

Along with the new plant award, SD was selected by SABIC to provide the process design package, technical assistance and start up services for the expansion of SABIC’s Saudi Kayan EO/EG plant located in Al-Jubail and the Yansab EG plant located in Yanbu. The Saudi Kayan plant was licensed by SD and started up in 2010 and has been operating since November 2017 at the expanded capacity of 140% of the original capacity. The expansion of the Yansab plant which was licensed by SD and started up in 2008 is expected to completed by mid-2018.

SD has licensed over 100 ethylene oxide/monoethylene glycol plants in 25 countries around the world.

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