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Update on NWR Sturgeon Refinery Commissioning in Alberta

Diesel production from synthetic crude oil continues at the Sturgeon Refinery as the light oil units maintain safe, steady, and reliable operations. The refinery has produced over 7.7 million barrels of diesel since production began a year ago as part of commissioning and start up. The diesel is transported to local customers via truck as well as throughout the province and western Canada on rail.

With a daily workforce of approximately 800 people, the Sturgeon Refinery nears the end of commissioning and prepares for bitumen feedstock.

While the refinery is designed to process bitumen, work remains on two final units in order to operate as designed. The LC Finer, which processes the heaviest components of bitumen, is nearing the end of commissioning. The Gasifier, which converts the leftover components of bitumen into various gases, has been more complex and complicated to commission. The North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) team remains committed and focused on both units in order to complete commissioning and start up in a safe and timely manner.

The target for processing bitumen in the refinery is year end 2018. All teams are working hard to achieve this goal knowing it is a key major milestone for the refinery to operate as designed.

Source: NWR Sturgeon

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